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wholesale Coogi Shoes,JB Classic Lab Shoes,The North Face Sh

Postby usajack » 23 Nov 2011, 11:00

I remember that time:2012 nike air max shoes,He is always trouble some small jokes I laughed;him, always with the class teacher Dingding mouth,which makes the whole class laughing; him in class is always"bullied" me,we go downtown to downtown,a "Do not look at me",finally smiled;him,always so humorous.
I remember that time:He,class always look at me,smiled,suddenly feeling cute,so happy, so happy;him in class should always ask the teacher some of the questions asked,amused the class "paralysis" on the table;cheap air max shoes wholesale,he always played "book","stationery" hide and seek,I get to find the dig three feet;he is always so mysterious.
I remember that time:he always came up with a funny class position,if not to answer a good question,class eyes are on him,he saw his interesting position;he is always so greedy,when others eat one thing,his saliva always coveted,new nike basketball shoes 2011and makes us laugh bitterly for him,verses and funny;him,always so greedy.
I remember that time:he,the teacher did not come before,and at the same table I am always amused laugh;he went so far as anti-wear clothes,wearing a worn again,but even the anti-wear,and get the big laugh of the whole class laugh;him,every embarrassment, there will always come up with a pitiful look.He is always so "stupid."
I remember when he,the rear end all day in the teacher's questions,the teacher always praise him;him all day,filling materials,the teacher always praise him;he is simply a"Hundred Thousand Whys",once the problem so he does not understand,griffey shoeshe always has been interrupted by the teacher's teaching,has been asked,which makes the teacher very helpless;he always love to learn.
I remember that time:air force ones,they are always so cute,humor,greedy,"stupid"really could not bear him,and he,he,he,he
I remember that time:2012 nike air max shoes,her classes are always concentrating on filling information;she always ask me some problems in school; her,always so hard.
I remember that time:her class always laughing for no reason,and we had always puzzled;her,her eyes always so big, and we had always so timid,she saw our way, and involuntarily laughed;her,always love to laugh.
I remember that time:her very much in love jumping, and she was one, we always seem particularly within;her way to school always said that some small jokes, amused me off their feet,staring at passers-by are two of us; she always so lively.
I remember that time: She,her infectious smile,always with me in life,not when I was not happy because of something, she always"Oh,"smile, is to restore confidence;new jordan basketball shoes her,in ordinary life,whether happy,sad,always,"Oh,"smile,no nothing;her,always so optimistic.
I remember that time:she is always blissful silence in everyday life,the students think she is very "insecure";her,always keep a secret,when every time I have a mind,did not hesitate to wanted of her; her,always so trustworthy.
new lebron shoes 2012 for sale,I remember that time:they are always so hard,love to laugh,lively,optimistic,trustworthy real bear to her,she,she,her
Could not bear to his alma mater,reluctant teachers,reluctant students,bear flowers and plants and trees here,everything here all bear could not bear to say goodbye,but they have to say goodbye.In six years,there was laughter,there have been tears, feel successful,experienced failure,but even the most reluctant!!Six classmates,I left, but took away many good and sweet memories,they will always treasure in my heart! !
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