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Notary Carry All Bag « Notary Blog – Signing Tips, Marketing

Postby shayeyp6shx » 30 Nov 2011, 11:03

A few years ago we were selling the NNA’s Notary Carry All Bag. I used this bag during my entire notary career.  It had a little pouch or compartment for just about everything you could imagine.  There was room for my journal, acknowledgment pads, jurat certificate pads, seal, embosser, pens, and more!  Unfortunately for me, I was not able to sell more than a handful, but NNA sells them and will ship them for you!   For mobile notaries, I highly recommend getting a small bag with a small lock to lock the two little handles for the zipper together.  NNA’s notary carry all bag comes with a tiny lock and key, so that you can fulfill the California notary public rule of keeping your seal and journal under lock and key!   I kept this bag in my trunk, since I was always on the go as a mobile notary.  Unfortunately, on one forbidding evening, I went to the gym.  My mind was racing with all types of uneasy thoughts as I pounded my feet on the treadmill.  I spent an hour or so at that gym in Rosemead, CA.  And then, when I went back to my car — it had been broken Moncler Soldes into, and my notary carry all bag was missing, along with a few other items that would be worthless to the ignorant crook who stole them. I went to the police department, and filled out a report. They were very rude to me.  So, after that event, I kept this little bag safe and sound behind a huge plastic crate of emergency supplies which I keep in my car in case there is an earthquake.  We are in California after all!  I wrote to Sacramento, to our Secretary of State notary division to tell them about my tragedy. I had a new seal, bag, and embosser in about two weeks and was back in business.  Ouch!! That was a terrible experience.   The moral of the story is that a carry all bag is essential, but keep it in a place where the crooks can’t find it.  Have hidden place in your car where nobody would look except for you — and perhaps homeland security!!! You might also like: Review of the NNA Best Notary Supplies
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