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Photos of interesting and beautiful places and events in Russia, nowadays and in the past

Back to the Past

Postby Beholder » 30 Jan 2009, 13:50


Commons buy soda water at Kusnetsky most street.

Non-commons are at the coctail hall. The Life magazine's postscript: "The new expensively decorated stylish Coctail-hall at Gorky street, the most wealthy and elite people, such as writers, actors, artists, sculptors, cinema and theater men can test expensive coctail "Cowboy" here (it's cost is one tenth of monthly rent)."

It's august of 1941, in accordance with current patterns everybody is at war or works for the war's needs with manly face and no laugh.
Tverskaya street. Buildings still have sculptures on. Buildings behind the Central telegraph are not yet broken. Double-deck trolleys are on streets.

Every soviet thing is terrifically fashionable.

Do we know anything about british aid during 1942?

London poster invites for celebration devoted to Red Army's 24th anniversary.

The photo is subscripted with note: "The Lingaphone company at Regent-street, London, sells about 100 russian discs a week since the beginning of russian-german war".


The week called "Tanks for Russia". The Time magazine (issued on 6 of October 1941) is available online for free, we should notice: ... 44,00.html) raves and storms when comparing BBC translation with soviet radio broadcasting. Tanks named Voroshilov, Karl Marx, Lenin, Timoshenko and Budenny roll off the production line. That is a part of our history, but it's not available in russian.


Molotov makes a speech in UN. In colour.


Trucks were used in Mscow as shuttle buses.

Boors at Gorky street.

The Patriarch's house at Chisty pereulok (nowdays mercedeses are going out of there).

The snow is being scrabbled by spades and thrown to trucks. No trolleybus station sign was preserved in any museum, this comes short of our accepted standards. They worked out nice spade from it during changing signs.


Once I get at archives the same mode of looking for minor details as during travelling turns on. Once I get at archives, I forget that I'm at archives. I carry back to past, scent smells, hear sounds. I talk to people, scrutinize things photoed from various perspectives. Teleportation to the past works.
I'm on Bolshoy kamenny bridge near to Aleksandrovsky garden and see that there were no zebra crossing yet, covered with snow crossing is indicated with diamond-dotted line.


It's a morning frost at Leninskie mountains.

Now the snow is being scrabbled by special scrabbling cars. Can you see the sign with street name on the building on the right? Now you can't find such signs even in antique shops, everything is eliminated.

I scrutinize every single sign on phonebooths and kiosks. Look what lamps are above tobacco shop! Everything is very civilized.

Why formerly moscow kiosks were nice and cute and nowdays they are so very disgusting, no academic could tell.

West spectator also is enthused with such photos. He thinks: "Wow, they have meters of snow around, but still mop up ice-cream outside". As for me - I'm enthused with appearances of ice-cream pack produced by "Refrigerator № 10".

Soon it'll become almost the centre.


Monochrome photo makes you remember the past you didn't see as completely separate image system. The war is imagined in monochrome. And scenes of some XII century are imagined in colour, but without a perspective. Here we have 61st - it was almost yesterday. But still it surprises to see trucks having red disks.

"Taxi-cab. Stick to business!"

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Back to the Past

Postby liebe911 » 11 Feb 2009, 08:22

Great collection, my memories has just refreshed great pictures and thank's Beholder for sharing.
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Back to the Past

Postby Rinku » 11 Feb 2009, 08:24

I loved the 12 picture its a cool one !!!
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Back to the Past

Postby linjianxia » 08 Aug 2011, 07:28

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Back to the Past

Postby blackrabbitz » 03 Sep 2011, 14:01

great photos! thanks :)
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Back to the Past

Postby Aaron » 24 Nov 2011, 03:28

Great photos.
I like the old photos very much.
They are really good.
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Back to the Past

Postby myphillylaser29 » 01 Dec 2011, 12:55

We know very well that past is the lost time . Everyone thinks only the past and learn . In this article, it is a very nice image.
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