RUR exchange rate

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RUR exchange rate

Postby Beholder » 28 Jan 2009, 10:41

What do you think about Russian Ruble? Will devalvation going further?
I suppose RUR could be a little bit lower in spring: USD - 35, EUR - 50.
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Re: RUR exchange rate

Postby Beholder » 02 Feb 2009, 10:58

Ha! USD=36 RUR already... What's next?
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Re: RUR exchange rate

Postby maree » 02 Feb 2009, 23:38

next....360 seems :|
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RUR exchange rate

Postby brahmos » 16 Feb 2009, 02:17

It will soon become stable without loosing much, since the economic conditions are worse the world over many currencies are loosing their value against the dollar
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RUR exchange rate

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RUR exchange rate

Postby offshoreaccount » 10 Nov 2011, 09:59

Soon it will lose much more stable, because the economic conditions are worst in the world, most currencies are losing value against the dollar.
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RUR exchange rate

Postby autoauditmaster » 02 Dec 2011, 10:16

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RUR exchange rate

Postby uubird » 05 Dec 2011, 08:15

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