Myths and Truth about Russia

General questions of life in Russia, sharing experience, interesting facts and discussions

Myths and Truth about Russia

Postby BuyGiftsItems » 02 Nov 2011, 12:02

The government is starting to understand that it's there not to suck money, but to help people and the country, but there's a high level of corrution and a high dumb-head factor still.

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Myths and Truth about Russia

Postby lvus » 10 Nov 2011, 08:32

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Myths and Truth about Russia

Postby offshoreaccount » 10 Nov 2011, 09:52

Sometimes we hear and see so many striking, odd and new things about Russia on TV or in newspapers or from the people we meet, that I think I'm missing something! Really, it turns out I live at such a dangerous place flooded with mafiosi, catastrophes, bombings happening all the time, with deadly cold winters, demolished economy, depressed people that I'm really surprised I'm still alive and living here. The point is that all those things about Russia are either not true or very much exaggerated.
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Myths and Truth about Russia

Postby cpaoutsourcing » 10 Nov 2011, 11:10

At the same time the increasing gap between poor and rich people intensifies social tension in society; there are broken down towns and villages (with dead industries); there are lost people not required in the new system and having nothing to do - therefore drunkenness, narcotics and crimes; low paid old people are really just trying to survive; low salaries in state-employment result in bribes to customs, police...
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Myths and Truth about Russia

Postby adsblackfriday » 21 Nov 2011, 12:22

it's not enough to go to Moscow and St. Petersburg, you should definitely visit one or two provincial towns to get the "feel" of Russia.
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Myths and Truth about Russia

Postby autoauditmaster » 02 Dec 2011, 10:20

In the Middle Ages, many Europeans believed wolves were tools of the devil and the animals were ruthlessly hunted. Epileptics and the mentally ill were often brought to court and accused of being werewolves
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Postby moxia19 » 05 Dec 2011, 07:52

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Myths and Truth about Russia

Postby autocreditquotes » 06 Dec 2011, 07:06

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