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Smooth mouth caught dead beans, but in his moment of closing the teeth, the tongue does not know how, on the left to the jaw between the teeth of Puma pas cher a, Qinglin suddenly a pain,new nba jerseys for 2010, teeth bite the tongue is a small hole in it, the blood flow out from the wound,new nba jerseys for 2010, the death of beans fall into the mouth the moment the blood was Qinglin wrapped up.     Death beans are rich in vitality of the blood Qinglin activated, burst out of the green light to. Green sweep, the moment of the work, Qinglin tongue healed the wounds, it seems there has never been normal.     More amazing things yet to come, dead beans with great speed, into the sky,new nba jerseys for 2010, reached the mouth of the palate Qinglin, Toutes les lunettes ray-ban a bunch of green beans from the dead on shot out, according to the palate in a Qinglin of on the instant, a bean-sized holes appeared, dead along the holes drilled into the beans, and has been going up, up to a Qinglin within the cranial cavity. Stopped until after the death of beans in the hole it leaves behind that also restored the status quo, and Qinglin of the wound on the tongue, like, everything restored the status quo.     Bean did not hurt Qinglin dead body of any organization, it seems to know the way, as it squeezed into the gap in the brain. Up and down, and do not have any contact with the brain.     Numerous road soft,new nba jerseys for 2010, full of bubbling vitality of the green beans were distributed from the dead out moment occupy the entire cranial cavity Qinglin.     This all happened too fast, and still call pain Qinglin a black eyes, a faint. Under the moonlight, dead green beans sent out from his head projection, green flowing from the top down, a moment’s work was Qinglin wrapped up.     Beans beans is not dead dead, but born of a spirit world beans, but also among the most advanced spiritual beans beans spirit days, more precisely speaking, it is also an extremely magical life. I do not know how many owners experienced during the period, but sac tod's no one can discover the secrets of Tianling beans. Was removed under to Qinglin hands.     To say is coincidence,new nba jerseys for 2010, Qinglin of the physical and his name, is very superior physical properties of wood, five elements of wood everywhere,new nba jerseys for 2010, and his blood than other people’s blood, more than a wonderful effect in the middle Wholesale Handbags – Replica Handbag Wholesale Designer ... contains all active substances Tianling beans. Not that no one previously thought to activate the days of soul with blood beans, however,new nba jerseys for 2010, are impure because they failed the five elements. This time, if not by chance, might have to miss this Qinglin
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