What Do You Want In A President?

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What Do You Want In A President?

Postby chilling » 08 Dec 2011, 02:34

No one man has all Sex and the City DVD qualities I want my president to have, but maybe I want too much. I want a man of the people - someone who understands the problems of the common man - someone who tells it like it is - someone like a termite inspector.Experience in world affairs is a must; but if it were the only qualification, Elizabeth Taylor would have been our first woman president. Honesty is another must or is honesty and government official an oxymoron?I want my leader Top Chef DVD be open-minded and independent - to listen to what the people say and not just say what he thinks we want to hear. I want to see the back of the President's head when he makes speeches so I know special interests aren't pulling the string that makes him talk.
I think the head of my country should be someone who believes devoutly in family - short of polygamy, that is. He should have charisma. JFK had it. Clinton had it. Clint Eastwood has The Walking Dead DVD. In fact, Clint Eastwood has the experience to act like a president and the experience to direct the country.A sense of humor is a plus for a leader. The people want to laugh with him - not laugh at him. I thought Chevy Chase would be good, but he tends to be a fall guy. Billy Crystal would be better. He's funny and he's good Sons of Anarchy DVD award ceremonies.
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