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With his xing case, originally was not like the ruling part but no matter how, oneself always human XiuXian person, and the disputes can say is because of his and up, stay out no problem, but they are met remained passive seems to have little say not the past. Well, to see how the situation heart so thinking about, LinXuan dun light direction change has had quietly toward the fly over. Of course, LinXuan were so do also because of the strength of the family of three sea, in his eyes completely isn't worth mentioning, or if there is any dong old monster LinXuan xuan period won't tube wayward kin what not to run away again. And to his gold dun art, miles distance, natural in a twinkling namely to.And it does three family of the sea, and a human godsworn,mbt changa is holding a safe confrontation. The name Terran godsworn, is a decade or two s nv son, not to say the se but also America laguna in very beautiful, appearance se for, and sister as yan deeply fairy, is a level. Moncler Veste Chun LanQiuJu, it's hard to say who is more beautiful some. However LinXuan seen before with the nv fix is different, the present nv beauty appears very is resolute even her face, is also clean-cut that, the skin is not white, but healthy xiao wheat se. Wearing a purple se gown, hourglass figure have send, although is nv son, whole body and are filled with energy, if use a animals do parables, the nv is like a cheetahs, perfect annotation, what is called beauty and power. In addition, still dispersion give a dangerous breath. It is dangerous to , looking at the puzzling nv, LinXuan all feel a little heart chills. This kind of feeling, only in dong xuan period old monster on just had, is this the nv son, is playing pig to eat tiger? LinXuan regret a bit came to here. Early know, should not be meddling. But now want to go, it is too late the nv up the quality of the first, if a shares have if have no of consciousness in the god himself swept, was discovered. LinXuan face, not from a wry smile lu of se, this time is a perennial wild goose, go see the eye. But though a little depressed, but is not afraid LinXuan luan panic, as the other party is also a Terran two come, our own strength, and their clear, even if have what, LinXuan still will not fear what. As the mbt staka saying goes, since come, more Ann. Things reached this step, worry about nothing depressed to occupy curiosity to the upper hand, then LinXuan and found let him a bit of surprise. Behind the nv, carry a sword big sword One thousand seven hundred and thirty LinXuan chapter with a close game From his appearance, this sword is no eyes, very humble flat a few, with a sheath wrapped, looks like as scrap metal. There is no doubt that the nv is XiuXian person, can the godsworn don't have store content bag? LinXuan set foot on the celestial in eight hundred, return true not seen who will treasure carried so. The nv behavior, everywhere the weird and doubtful points. As if the fog shrouded by a layer of mi, this guy, LinXuan never provoke, but the three family of the sea, is obviously no such vision. In their view, the other party be on the chopping block of fish, crosscut shaft cut all by myself. The first family of the sea, look is about thirty, ugly, and the face up to no good smile, the look in the nv, swept, ha ha of laugh: girl, if don't want to say many sorrows, best surrender is tied, or for a while moving hands, the adult even want joss-stick cherish yu frets, I'm afraid I will hurt. Well, good, a LuoXiong carry the best, but with order godsworn is far from, is the most witty like joss-stick cherish yu, girl best where some. ZhangDaoYou said good, girl, see appearance, also is a fix, if the scattered with friends, from now on popular resorts way, to drink hot, no longer worry about uniting the. The other two clutch at the early stage of the race also sea concurs,mbt women's sirima see them a pair of NuYanMeiGu, to the name of the family of the sea resorts middle, that was like as if painfully. Interesting, the family in the middle of the sea, also seems to be not common characters, and the mysterious nv son conflict, what will be the result? LinXuan interested in face of se, anyway have been discovered, he doesn't worry, but some looking forward to the end. Go! Against three family of the sea, the nv without fear of son se, chilly voice to the ear. What? Three people think they listen to wrong, the other side also is too rowdy. Let you roll, did not hear? Nv son lips tiny qi, her sound is very beautiful, but with trenchant edges and corners. Mean women, this honour joss-stick cherish, says yu witty but to do that does not know the eastsomehow The LuoXing sea family flew into a rage and sleeve robe a breeze, already offering up a big fist of xiao shai lai bead, two other people also Moncler Homme take out their treasure, spirit pressure also dispersion to open, and the sea blustery, war has reached the point of looming. Now that want to die, this fairy sent you on the road. Boom! Nv son yu hand a breeze, the purple robes of se, has been behind him when half empty, show a night people dressed up as a, tights, more can show Jiao good figure. Then the nv moved, step by step out, form if flood dragon, moving like TuoTu, a residual shadow in the line of sight, LinXuan did not see clearly, only a few word eyes feel lights flash across,mbt garissa then saw the nv behind the sword, do not know when, incredibly in front, and her right hand, and lifted the sword handle. Slender fingers, the skin is general yan yu ink se, as if flashing tricky luster. This LinXuan big appalling, lash out with a busy day god phoenix eye, was also stretched tightly, the green light to flow, at this moment, which also would hide what signs. The nv face and no unexpected se, but LinXuan miniature pupil, painful groan Yin was introduced into the ear, but only half a sound, is to cut through the blood, the three sea race, incredibly split off, even the yuan baby all have no escape. Be seconds to kill! LinXuan couldn't help draws everyone, feeling back chilly, if oneself and the three people turn the place, this type of attack, can avoid? He started in the heart of evaluation. The result was the cold straight take, now this state, the day god yard, and add the whole body case alert, hide is no problem. But if just, their vigilance heart deficiency, and not die is also going to the half-life. Never seen such a terrible clutch period XiuXian, who is fine screen Iraq to who bore blue behind. Spirit world indeed as expected crouching tiger hidden dragon, never carelessness can not, can YueJi is far from the only one. YueJi challenge, no, LinXuan the but again shook his head. Just because of insufficient though against, not how to see clearly, but this in a moment of a sword nv, breath sudden rise and seems to reach peak of clutch. A: yes, exactly, that they feel it, is not what illusion. But when she had finished attack, at once again return mbt tupu to the origin, it seems, is still in the early clutch. LinXuan surface fixed acoustic se, in the heart but they do some doubts, destroy the enemy division, whereabouts and has revealed, the nv why also cast what gathered art of gas, hide to fix for the simply pointless without. No, not gathered gas was performed. LinXuan shook his head, so do the nv, and his cast gathered magically different gas, seems to be made and relevant. LinXuan in a twinkling made this judgment. This also is looking at LinXuan nv, saw the three family off the sea, and the breath still hasn't luan, who apparently is not simple. 28-11-2011, 04:26 Geschreven door mbtlao   Reageren (0)
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