85% The Ides of March

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85% The Ides of March

Postby shayeyp6shx » 10 Dec 2011, 19:15

Ambition seduces. Power corrupts. excellentThis is an amazing political drama. It is extremely smart, thrilling and involving. With an amazing cast and a smart story line there is no way this movie could have been any better. It really caught me by surprise and I absolutely loved it. In this chess like, strategic world of politics; Stepehen Meyers (Gosling) the campaign press secretary of Mike Morris (Clooney) finds himself trapt Moncler coats when he discovers a little too much. This is one of the best political films I have yet seen. It is very engaging and involving, every scene is like a chess move, and you just can't wait for the end of the game. The cast is brilliant. Gosling once again stunts everyone, making this one of his most ray-ban caravan soldes powerful performances, (He just keeps getting better and better, when will it stop). Clooney hardly appears in the movie, but as a Director he is great. Seymour and Giamatti kill it every second they are acting, but the true standing inovation goes to Evan Rachel Wood, who appears to be a dull character, and changes everything surprising everyone with her acting abilitites.I think this is a great movie, I highly recommend it. It's strong, sexy, thrilling, smart, and fun there is nothing more you need in a political drama. The Ides of March is a phenomenon. .There are a couple of things missing though, a good soundtrack, a more fluid and laconic plot, and personally a better ending. But in order not to spoil anything I won't elaborate on any of those. prix ray ban clubmaster See it yourself and judge it.Stephen Meyers: "Ill do or say anything as long as I believe in it, but I have to believe in the cause" December 7, 2011
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