Russia cuts 2014 Olympics budget

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Russia cuts 2014 Olympics budget

Postby Lekshmi » 19 Feb 2009, 08:44

Russia has cut its budget for hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics in the Black Sea resort of Sochi by 15% this is done to over come the Economic situation crunch that has been hanging around the Economy.
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Russia cuts 2014 Olympics budget

Postby Mark » 19 Feb 2009, 08:48

Russia has been badly hit by the Economic slow down after years of soaring economic growth.
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Russia cuts 2014 Olympics budget

Postby Jazz singer » 20 Feb 2009, 04:05

Is that is of any consolation, Britain is in trouble with the financing of the 2012 Olympics in London.

The budget from £3 billions during the planning, to £5 billions after the result.
Now they talk about £9 billions, and the pessimists think it will be £12 billions, which is a huge amount of money.

Local taxes are already up in London where I live, and should DOUBLE within 5 years. Plus the government will have to pay forthe rest.
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Russia cuts 2014 Olympics budget

Postby Vishnu » 20 Feb 2009, 07:08

Yes the cost of anything and everything is going up only and there is no chance for any other, Only humans don't have any value. Many countries are fighting still for the organization of events, The rescission will become more trouble some than expected.
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