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Kandi laughing, the toilet flushing, the cat's claws sliding across wood floors. A singer I've never heard of receives Best New Vocal Artist. She's jazzy, sassy, a funky rap girl and how fiat her stomach looks to me. During a news break, a local white-bread weatherman reports it's been "days since it's reached forty degrees Prom Dresses 2012 above in Minnesota." He presents this statistic with a peculiar combination ray-ban pas cher of pride, challenge, desperation. After the snow freezes into fiercely curled snowbanks, we finally make it to my sister Amy's house to visit. She lives in tiffany jewelry for sale subdivision, Summer Heights, on a corner lot with no trees. Inside, their windows look out over so much open space I find myself taking pictures of all the nothing. The big Midwestern sky bleeds out sunsets of the kind you simply don't see cheap prom dresses New York. It's so cold frozen puddles shatter like glass as people walk down streets with no sidewalks. The hard December light makes me sober and stern."You're hardly showing," Amy says. I think I'm wonderfully, noticeably pregnant but shrug my shoulders so what. We take our shoes off so as not to mess the new beige carpet. Three years younger than me, Amy took the more traditional approach: married her high school sweetheart Tiffany Watches on Sale, had kids, bought car seats and minivans, worked random jobs Toutes les lunettes ray-ban that never satisfied. Every time I say we should be in better touch, she replies, "I've got three kids and a husband!" This is her mantra. If my domain is writing and literature, hers is kids; she never lets me forget -- although I'm soon to be a mother myself -- that she is the expert. "Want to see the ultrasound video?" I ask, knowing this will be nothing new to her."Allie!" she shouts at her youngest. "Get out of the dishwasher! God!" She yanks Allie out by the stomach. "What? Okay."We descend to their sunken basement Tiffany Round Link with Heart Clasp Set room with a large-screen television so big it's like going to the movies. The baby pops to life, a giant alien mass with spook eyes. You can see its every cell in each pixel dot of white and gray. "Is that a penis?" Amy asks. We rewind at least ten times to determine, though I am desperate Tiffany Small Elsa Peretti Open Heart pendant not to know. "I could've sworn I saw a wiener."Amy's clubmaster da ray ban oldest daughter, Morgan, sits and twirls her hair, searching out split ends. The middle child, Luke, piles all the cushions up on the floor and nose-dives into them. He begs to watch Ninja videos.
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