Buddhachannel: Links of london Jewellery

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Buddhachannel: Links of london Jewellery

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Description: Photo is the memory supplement, but is Links of london Jewellery not a dream. No one can take down the dream; can take you dream of appearance, take not dream. Actually said “dream” this word, its meaning is very Links of London sweetie Rings broad not round. Can be the night dream, can is a daydream, or is usually said in the dream, and HuangLiangYiMeng, NaKeYiMeng, China Xu a dream. A lot of. Really. For many years, in addition to a few pieces of documents as outside, not as any other photos. My memory may be not true. Remember once I with person, I can’t take photos. He asked why. I said I to camera flash has resist sex, blind eyes Links of London sweetie Rings will fall. Photo has a very important role, as most Links Of London Snake Charm people have ignored. It Hui; let the world Moncler Veste into silence, it removed any sound. The voice of the photos in only for the recall. If the universe is a beginning a plane and the universe probably like a photo. Signed in 1860 when the Beijing treaty, the invaders and Chinese negotiators with group, frontal gold’s roar 1 “keep absolutely quiet”. Weren’t able to take this humiliation of the scene, is said to be poor light. Without the forehead gold’s roar, in the picture is absolutely quiet. The flash Links of London sweetie Rings will smoke. Many people like to take pictures, they only pay attention to the picture can record Doudoune Moncler the beauty of the instantaneous, or that moment of people look, but forget to photos another Links of London Charms more fundamental significance. Silence is the nature of all things form. There seems to be a human will anything into art development tendency, and there will be any art the tendency of destruction.The memory cannot long, the photograph also don’t last long. Albert camus in the cc eph, myth “in a word, although small, or for I noticed:” Goethe work after ten thousand will be back to dust, also will be the names Links of London sweetie Rings of forgotten.” In this sense, the wisdom of human than a fossil, philosophers can not compare with archaeologists. Maybe I refuse to take pictures, reason is I think memory and photos Links of London Bracelets are the same, and even the memory is more spiritual than photos. Brief description: Links of london JewelleryTags: links of london jewelleryWebsite: http://www.buycheapjewelryonline.org/
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