A group of selfish people

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A group of selfish people

Postby brown530 » 12 Dec 2011, 06:43

I don’t know that would that kind of people be when put together all those following adjectives together on his characteristics. Dishonest, egotistical, selfish, greedy, unethical, lazy, manipulative, deceitful, hypocritical, self-centered, vain, disloyal, unremorseful, overly competitive, immature, vengeful, antagonistic, and arrogant…Almost all derogatory terms about a person you can find in a dictionary are here now. And there is a group of people really hold these adjectives completely. Those guys in it’s always sunny in philadelphia box set usually find them hatching elaborate schemes, conspiring against one another and others for personal gain, vengeance, or simply for the entertainment of watching each other's downfall. The interesting is that they gathered together and made a team. Maybe just as the quote goes, things of one kind come together, birds of a feather flock together. Their unity is not solid; any of them would quickly dump the others for quick profit or personal gain regardless of the consequences. Almost everything they do results in competition among themselves and a considerable amount of the show's dialogue revolves around the characters arguing or yelling over one another. I have to say, this group in it’s always sunny in philadelphia DVDis not groundless, as there is really existing such kind of people in reality life. Funny and dump life begin…

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