No, we must immediately go out.Huh.

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No, we must immediately go out.Huh.

Postby jewelrytg1 » 12 Dec 2011, 08:25

Is a very large pandora canada city. Although the surface with a fir forest of fear expression, but was soon instructed us. "They all moved to the same room. No, the hall is better. Repair the odd, the mattresses, quilts are out. Mr. Jie Lunte , please use this divine power are protected throughout the hotel. Nili Ya Li and Yi Lu, you and I together and move patients it. "Yi Lu Li shook his head and said.

"No, we must immediately go out.Huh.This is a great city. But we were only five people today early in the morning it happened, it is apparent, probably in the ceremony last night and then this morning the sun rises, people began to disease. So far, the patient is not a lot, but if we just treat, consumed pandora bracelets and that patients may be more and more, so we should rush to find the holy emblem is better. Ah, yes."Jie

Lunte looked at us, face looks like we say in the end do not understand what it means. I explained to him. "You are priests, should know that God Pro to it."Jie Lunte's face turned pale throughout, said. "My God, this divine Pro to it. Also the beginning of my adventure too intense, right.Now is not the time to talk about adventure Time dragged on longer, the more people will have died. Fast. You are the priests of Delphi force, pandora australia guide us to quickly identify the clinical to the evidence of God, and will It is recycling.
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