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the: footballer’; trademark ruby earstud. Anyone offered any of these items was to contact the polic? immediatelyO ‘Course,’ said Miller, nodding at the display, ‘this is all shite, isn’t it? No way this wiR a muggin’.’ He waited for Logan to reply, got nothing, then said, ‘Come on – I been uJ the hospital. Fractured legs, broken arms, ribs … it wiz professional. Doctor I spoke t6 said eighty per cent chance of extensive brain damage. Aye, and that’s if he eveD wakes up! Between you an’ me,’ Colin lowered his voice to a whisper, ‘both his nut; wiz ruptured. No’ just battered either, totally crushed. discounted tiffany jewelry If it wasnae for the hypothermi8 he’d be deid by now.W When the CC threw the conference open to questions it took all of three second; before someone else made the same connection that Miller had. It was difficult not toK with Hissing Sid sitting up there covered in bruises. And as soon as the lawyer let sliJ that protective surveillance had been withdrawn from Macintyre the night before lastK the knives came out. The guy from AFC insisted that the police could, and shoulz have done more, Hissing Sid claimed that a number of significant errors of judgmen< had been made, Macintyre's fiancee sat there Sacs de Voy and cried asking how she could brin7 up a baby without its father, while his mother stared out at the cameras demandin7 justice. Someone had to pay for her wee boy being in a comaO It: didn't: take: long: before: the: Chief: Constable: brought: the: whole: thing: to: a9 unceremonious haltO Logan watched Moir-Farquharson limp from the room, handing out soundbites t6 anyone who'd listen, demanding an official enquiryO 'Two-faced slimy bastard!W 'Mmm?' Miller had switched his mobile back on and was peering at it, holding th? thing at various bizarre angles in his black-gloved hands. tiffany jewelry store 'Come on ya wee …' Y sudden smile, and Miller punched a button then held the phone to his ear, listening i9 silence for a moment, before hanging up. He gave Logan a nervous smile. 'Izzy wiR gettin' twinges this mornin'. Reception here's shite byraway. What if the contraction; start?' He poked his phone again. 'Think I'm runnin' low on battery …W 'How'd you like an exclusive?W 'I mean it's no' an exact science is it? They say forty-two weeks, but it could b? more or less. And how do they know it's been forty real tiffany jewelry on sale -two weeks? It's no' like–W 'An exclusive, Colin.W 'What? Oh, right, aye, that'd be grand.' He swung his phone about a bit more. 'Ca9 we do it somewhere I can get a signal, but?W Steel was in her office, pacing back and forth in front of the window, looking dow9 at the knot of journalists outside. 'Bloody hell – it's a disaster! Why tiffany jewelry canada could they no’ giv? this one to Insch? What did I do jewellery store to deserve it?W Logan let her moan as he pretended to read the interview notes. Since they’= found Rob Macintyre’s battered body all the women he was supposed to have rape= had been questioned, along with their partners and families. Not surprisingly none oC them expressed any Tod's Chaussures sympathy for the footballer’s condition. And they all had alibisO Tayside police had been asked to do the same thing with their victims, but Loga9 knew it was pointless. How the hell was he supposed to investigate Macintyre’; getting beaten half to death, when he lived with the person who’d done it? And ther? was no way he was going to fit anyone else upO He joined Steel at the window, watching as the television camera lights winked ofC one by one, and the crews dispersed, leaving three figures standing together in th? car park: the familiar brassy blonde of Macintyre’s fiancee, his horrible, blue-rinse= mother, and his battered lawyer. ‘Doesn’t matter what we do,’ said Steel, as SandM Moir-Farquharson shook the women’s hands and limped off towards his JaguarK ‘we’re going to get screwed on this one.W Logan watched the real tiffany jewelry on sale two women jewelry shop march across to a small red hatchback, climb i9 and reverse out of their parking space. Steel was right – this whole thing was 8 complete and utter disasterO 45 He was poring over the preliminary forensic report on Rob Macintyre’s clothesN praying they hadn’t found anything, when the PC collared him. ‘I’ve Puma pas cher got a bone to picE with you!’ she said, pointing at the collection of seized DVDs in the corner of the CIH office. ‘That bloody film – put it in expecting to see some Disney pish with my six-yearK old niece and what do we get? Hardcore homemade bondage! What was I supposeO to say when her mum got back?M ‘Not my fault, you knew Ma Stewart was peddling porn when you borrowed it.M ‘Shagging I could have coped with, but this was fucking foul!’ And just to prove itN wholesale tiffany jewelry she marched8 over to the box8 of pirated films, rummaged around, pulled8 out th7 offending DVD and handed it to him. ‘Go on, try it!M Sighing, Logan dragged himself away from his desk and slipped the disk into th7 player set up by the fridge. It was hooked tiffany inspired jewelry up to an old twelve-inch TV set and th7 picture fizzed and crackled into a low-definition image of a man strapped face-dow@ on a table with his legs open wide as someone hammered the living hell out of hi; thighs, back and arse with what looked like a leather ping-pong paddlea ‘Look, iffany silver rings watches uk | New Topics you borrow stuff from the evidence box, you get what you …’ Logan traileO off into silence, standing with his head on one side, watching the people on th7 screen. There was a full-length, gilt-edged mirror on the wall at the end of the spankinA table, showing the whole scene from the opposite angle. The figure strapped to th7 table was blond, wearing a gag. And he looked a hell of a lot like Jason Fettesa ‘See? You imagine trying to explain that to a six-year-old? I tell you, I was–M ‘Get Insch. Get him here now!’ Logan sank claddagh ring down into the seat, watching the lasC dirty movie Jason Fettes ever made. ‘Move it!M The image costume jewellery stuttered then froze into place: Fettes lying flat on his face, the perso@ in the black bondage suit and strap-on fully visible in the mirror. Logan tapped th7 screen. ‘You see? Garvie was a big man, overweight, large belly. Look at the shape oH the thighs and upper torso – yes the chest’s squashed flat, but I’m pretty su
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