Trip in suburbs of Moscow on holidays

Trip in suburbs of Moscow on holidays

Postby lola » 20 Apr 2009, 08:54

The only church in the world with a crown instead of dome.
It is situated not far (1-3 km) from Podolsk, a town in near suburbs of Moscow. There's a nice house of princes who ordered italian masters to build the church in very special style, not like russian orthodox churchs.
Russian churchs usually don't have such statues. This one is very unusual:
It's still unusual inside - such molding you usually can meet in kings' and princes' palaces of that time, but not in churches:
Princes' house:
Podolsk's church. It's quite usual and not very antique, but is vey nice and peaceful
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Trip in suburbs of Moscow on holidays

Postby Beholder » 20 Apr 2009, 20:13

What do you think about Podolks?
As for me, I have been in this town once... When flight from Domodedovo was delayed, they put us into hotel in Podolsk :)
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