Learning russian in 5 months

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Learning russian in 5 months

Postby imon » 23 Jan 2009, 07:49

will be traveling to russia (chelyabinsk region) in june for my work. I will be staying there for 6 months. I will be working with my russian colleagues to train them on internals of our software (we're programmers).. I'll be expected to speak some russian with them from the get-go because their spoken english may be weak or non-existent. I've already been working with a private tutor and have also signed up for a course at community college. Plus there is a large russian population at my office here in U.S. so i will have plenty of people to practice with. ANd i've always been fascinated by the language, so i'm very motivated/excited to learn.

The question: what areas of the language (grammar, vocab, pronounciation, etc) would you focus on when studying, knowing that you will have full immersion once you get there? Are there habits to learn early that will help later?


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Re: Learning russian in 5 months

Postby lola » 28 Jan 2009, 14:45

It's hard to tell exactly. Of course you need to enlarge vocabulary. And you can't speak correctly if you don't know grammar.
As for habits - can you give an ezample of such habits in english? What do you mean?
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Learning russian in 5 months

Postby leysanrich » 27 Feb 2011, 14:06

The best way to learn languages - watch movies and interact with native speakers, I'm from Russia, want to learn English, if anyone is interested, we can teach each other's language, I do Russian, you are my English:)
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