Things We Love About Women

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Things We Love About Women

Postby studboy » 27 Jan 2009, 15:09

Most men really, really like women. That may seem a bit like telling you that water is wet, but it's true. If there is a God, men should bow down and thank him for blessing us with such beautiful creatures in the opposite sex.

Of course, we usually aren't shy about showing our gratitude -- we tend to turn into slobbering piles of putty when a woman does just about anything. It's not always the scandalously mini mini-skirt or the cleavage-baring V-neck that does it (and this is by no means a call to outlaw these wonderful things). Instead, it's often the little, innocuous actions and displays that have the biggest effect on men.

Read on for the top 10 little things a woman does that drives us crazy.
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