The New Russian Visa Registration Procedure (2007)

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The New Russian Visa Registration Procedure (2007)

Postby Beholder » 30 Jan 2009, 11:35

The new Russian visa registration procedure came into force on 15 January 2007. We've been waiting for a few days before posting this information to get some clarifications from the officials and now have all the details to explain the changes.

Basically, the registration procedure is much easier now. The registration can be submitted by post and you get a special confirmation that this was done, which is the proof of registration (no more stamps).
You don't have to do everything by yourself. Just go to the agency that provided your visa support and they'll do the registration for you instantly just by submitting a special paper to migration officials by post. Doing it once will suffice.
If you order your visa support through the companies advertised on Way to Russia, they will all be able to provide you the registration, whether you're on a tourist or a business visa. It's going to be instant, as they will just have to send your info to the authorities and give you the confirmation.

The other good news is that the Russian police (in all cities!) was instructed NOT to stop foreigners for registration checks any more. They can still do it if they have a special operation against terrorism going on. But from now on if anybody stops you for a routine check, just demand their number ("vash nomer") and tell them that you'll complain in MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs). That will send them off.

Note, that even though the rules came into force on 15 Jan, it'll take a couple of month for the authorities to get used to them and to issue the new registration forms.
In the meanwhile, just get your registration in the office of your inviting company or at OVIR if the city you're visiting doesn't have an office of your inviting organization (a copy of your invitation will suffice for them to register you and if any other document is required, our partner visa company will provide them at no charge for those who ordered invitations through way to russia).

Since there's no paperwork and no centralized computer database available yet, a simple answer that registration took place in the
cities visited during the trip should suffice if you are inquired about your registration at the passport control or by police. It's still recommended to register, but the new rules make it very hard for the authorities to prosecute you before they issue the official new registration form and set up the database.

Here is a detailed explanation of the new registration process:

1. Every foreigner who arrives to Russia still has to register the visa. However, the procedure became much easier.

2. The registration can be made by the "accommodating" party, which can be anything: from the hotel where you're staying, to your landlord. It can also be the organization, which provided your visa support, but not necessarily. Basically, now you can choose who registers you, whatever is easier.

3. The "accommodating" party just needs to fill out a special registration form and send it by post to the officials. You will get the second part of this form confirming that your registration has been submitted (called "talon"). That is your registration and you should carry it with you. No more stamps.

4. Migration cards will still be required, but they are completely separate from the registration now.

5. When you leave Russia you should give the second part of your registration form to the "accommodating" party and they should submit it to the migration officials within 24 hours. If that doesn't happen, you're blacklisted, which may incur problems when you visit Russia again.
That's why we recommend you do your registration through reliable organizations (or people). Basically, if you want to be 100% sure it's better to do everything through your hotel (if you trust them) or the company that arranged your visa support.

6. You still need to inform the authorities about your stay in each city where you spend more than 3 business days. But then of course they don't have any way of knowing when you arrived...

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