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be glad to hear from you. Prime Minister to General Ismay. 5.VIII.40. I am not satisfied with the volume or quality of information received from the unoccupied area of France. We seem to be as much cut off from these territories as from Germany. I do not wish such reports as are received to be sifted and digested by the various Intelligence authorities. For the present Major Morton will inspect them for me and submit what he considers of major interest. He is to see everything and submit authentic documents for me in their original form. Further, I await proposals for improving and extending our information about France and for keeping a continued flow of agents moving to and fro. For this purpose naval facilities can, if necessary, be invoked. So far as the Vichy Government is Moncler Veste concerned, it is not creditable that we have so little information. To what extent are Americans, Swiss, and Spanish agents being used? Prime Minister to General Ismay. 5.VIII.40. What orders are extant for the future production of U.P. multiple projectors in nike air max tn groups of twenties, tens, fives, and also single projectors? What amount of ammunition (a) of the ordinary rocket, (b) of the aerial mine, (c) of the P.E. fuze, (d) of the radio fuze, is on order? What are the forecasts of deliveries in the next six months in all cases? Presently the P.E. fuze will probably supersede the aerial mine for use in multiple projectors mounted on H.M. ships. This will entail an alteration of the projector tubes. The Admiralty should be asked to study this betimes so that the new tubes can be fitted on the existing mountings of H.M. ships with the least possible delay from the moment that this change appears desirable. The Admiralty should also be asked to report whether any progress has been made on firing short aerial mines from ships' guns. I wish to refresh my memory with what happened about this before 1 left the Admiralty. Prime Minister to Minister of Mines. 6.VIII.40. I saw it stated that you were piling up large reserves of coal during the summer for use during the winter. I should be glad to know how far this very wise precaution has advanced. We were very short and anxious in January last, and I hope you are taking precautions. Prime Minister to Secretary of State for War. 7.VIII.40. Please let me know what is being done to train men in the use of the sticky bomb, which is nike trainers now beginning to come through in quantity. Prime Minister to General Ismay. 9.VIII.40. Ask for a statement of the Ministry of Supply importation programme under various heads. Professor Lindemann should be consulted about these heads. Let me see them. The programme for the second year of the war has not yet been presented to me in a coherent form. Prime M nike air max women cheap nike trainers inister to Secretary of State for War and C.I.G.S. 9.VIII.40. I was much concerned to find that the 1st Division, which has an exceptionally high proportion of equipment, and includes a Brigade of Guards, should be dispersed along the beaches, instead of being held in reserve for counter-attack. What is the number of divisions which are now free and out of the line, and what is the argument for keeping divisions with a high equipment of guns, etc., on the beaches? Prime Minister t women nike air max o Lord Beaverbrook. 9.VIII.40. If it came to a choice between hampering air production or tank production, I would sacrifice the tank, but 1 do not think this is the case, as the points of overlap are not numerous and ought to be adjustable. I gathered from you that you thought you could arrange with the Minister of Supply. Prime Minister to Minister of Information. 9.VIII.40. It is important to keep General de Gaulle active in French on the broadcast, and to relay by every possible means our French propaganda to Africa. I am told the Belgians will help from the Congo. Have we any means of repeating to the West African stations the agreement made between us and de Gaulle? Prime Minister to General Ismay. 10.VIII.40. Let me have a weekly return of the deliveries to troops of the American 75's and the .300 rifles to Home Guard, with consequent liberation by them of Lee-Metfords. Begin at once. Prime Minister to General Ismay, for C.O.S. Committee. 10.VIII.40. The Prime Minister would be glad to have a report from the C.O.S. Committee, after conference with the C.-in-C. Home Forces, upon the small-arms ammunition position on the beaches and with the reserves. Prime Minister to Minister of Mines. 11.VIII.40. I felt sure you would take advantage of the breakdown of the export market to increase our stocks all over the country. I hope you will press on with this, especially as regards our essential gas, water, and electricity works. I note that the gas and electricity supplies are about twenty per cent up; we cannot go wrong in piling up such well-distributed stocks, which are sure to be used sooner or later. I am sending Moncler Homme a note to the Minister of Transport to call his attention to the position of the railways. The tremendous upset in your plans due to the collapse of France and the loss of three-quarters of our export markets must have Air Max 2011 put a great strain on your Department. It must be very difficult after all your efforts to increase production to explain the sudden slump, but I have no doubt the men will understand. nike air max 180 Indeed, what you tell me about the fortitude of the Kent miners is an encouraging sign of the spirit which I believe informs all the workingmen in the country. Prime Minister to Minister of Information. 11.VIII.40. In view of certain activities we are planning for General de Gaulle, it is of the highest importance that the broadcasting of French news in North and West Africa should be carried to the hi nike air max 95 ghest point. Please make sure that the B.B.C. conform to this requirement, and let me have a report on Monday to the effect that all is satisfactorily arranged. I cannot emphasise too strongly that you have full authority to nike air max plus make the B. nike air max 360 B.C. women nike air max obey. (Action this day.) Prime Minister to Minister of Transport. 11.VIII.40 nike air max women . I should be grateful for a full report on the steps taken by your Department to deal with the difficulties which may arise from the bombing and closing of ports. One-quarter of our imports, it seems, normally comes in through the port of London, and one-fifth through the Mersey, with a tenth each through Southampton, the Bristol Channel, and the Humber. We must envisage these entrances being wholly or partially closed, either one at a time or even several at a time, but I have no doubt you have worked out plans to take account of the various contingencies. In view of our large accretions of shipping, it may well be that port facilities and roadway facilities may be a more stringent bottleneck than shortage of tonnage, so that the preparations you make to meet the various possible eventualities may well be of the greatest importance. Prime Minister to Sir Edward Bridges. 12.VIII.40. How does the position now stand about a Timber Controller under the Ministry of Supply? Ask for a short summary from the Ministry of Supply of the present timber position and policy. Prime Minister to Lord Privy Seal and
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