Cheap Platform Ankle Boots

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Cheap Platform Ankle Boots

Postby shayeyp6shx » 10 Dec 2011, 01:22

Platform shoes are characterized by having a sole with a minimum thickness of 6 cm and had success in the 70's with the anger of the disco era. Have now made a comeback, not as successful, but we can see cheap platform ankle boots shoes in both adolescents and women over thirty years, which in most cases the use, not just an esthetic end, but also to cover his short height. However, current models usually have highly exaggerated platforms that often exceed 15 cm and naturally become very difficult to use because they have the big disadvantage is the lack of balance causes falls, slips and twists and sprains to in ankles. When a woman goes to a shoe store and find platform shoes, are usually lured by the designs they have, in addition to the platforms so extreme stylized legs, women often feel very confident to walk with them , an irony of life, because nothing is more unsafe to walk with platform shoes, platform shoes are for use only in events lasting a few hours because after a while of wearing them, ankles start to hurt much. In the case of high heels like to use, it is always preferable to a pair of heels and platform, because ray-ban pas cher although both represent many health problems with regard to the feet, walking with high heels is much more convenient and practical to walk with cheap platform ankle boots shoes. Three years ago in Japan, issued a law prohibiting the use of platforms for driving. Although it may sound like quite whimsical half or ridiculous, is a very successful action because a car stop using cheap platform ankle boots shoes is an almost impossible task to do, and that year they adopted the law were many traffic accidents caused by this reason. She is currently a bill permanently banning the use of these shoes at all times. This is because last year, a woman who was walking down the street with cheap platform ankle boots shoes, lost his balance and fell striking his head on the pavement causing his death. This is an extreme case, but the market is selling platform shoes in excess of 25 cm, whose use can cause very serious Lunettes Ray Ban injuries in the knees and ankles. Many times women are unaware of the damage that can cause to themselves using these shoes. cheap platform ankle boots shoes can be flashy, stylized legs, and to compensate for complex high, but the disadvantages are presented by their use benefits. They are also very impractical for walking and its continued use causes strain on the feet. Another factor to consider is the weight of the shoe. Many times walking so much time to be unemployed, even if we are using sneakers or comfortable shoes, it produces a lot of tired legs and aching muscles, then imagine what might happen to walk with shoes that have a minimum weight of 500 gr. Definitely not recommended for stair climbing ray ban new wayfarer polarized anything. Another drawback is that a shoe found (most often) do not have a template padded enough to provide support to the foot comfortable and safe, so it's no surprise that start to form blisters, calluses is the plants and the formation of flat feet. There are models of cheap platform ankle boots shoes, in addition to the cheap platform ankle boots on the ground have also have a stilettos. And we think there could be more uncomfortable to walk. This type of shoes, although they may be aesthetically attractive, socially not well accepted because it is used footwear strippers, so they are immediately related to that. These cheap platform ankle boots shoes are usually all open, some similar to the designs of sandals, and adjusted by leather straps. The platforms that have, usually made of acrylic plastic, transparent, although there are also leather and other skins. It is much more common to find platform shoes made of acrylic with it because, by the volume that have the platforms, which are made of leather are too expensive, just because the amount of material needed for making them, however the Acrylic is much cheaper but make sure they are of quality, as if they are well made can be very fragile, especially in the taco. . . .
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