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Postby shayeyp6shx » 10 Dec 2011, 06:18

Wang Rong Jin also not much words, directly mbt outlet sit at that chair up, in fact just electricity stick that a while, the boxing feet of other those people effort, to his injury always all not big, he also not know is what is the row, he just at the time that hello came over, the boxing feet that know at those people those people’s actions would be very slow, while he will also follow the trick of the boxing feet of those people, adjust the muscle on the body, comply with the surrounding of leak dint.Whenever those people’s fist, while coming in contact with his flesh, under his skin of muscular tissue, will comply with the surrounding toward the everyone to skid, complied with the surrounding and then give° those people’s strength to lead to open, so those people’s boxing feet, basically good give him Nao Yang Yang is general, don’t bring substantial injury to him at all.Because enter a cannon bureau for the first time, Wang Rong Jin also knows, oneself has to endure, for the sake of the parents close relatives, oneself has to all get to endure, absolutely can not cause trouble here, otherwise he just early suddenly and violently rise, give° those two grandsons to polish off.However now not just time, those two people are already to record in the brain, be subjected to the boon of drop water of person, settle to be to flow out spring mutually report, today this boxing feet he is to stick down, can not use how long, he will decuple, it is centuple to beg for back even.All of two polices were husbands to do, today why catch Wang Rong Jin to come in, they are certainly clear, be like thus affair, they also had no before little once experience, so opposite in front, full head Wang Rong Jin with blood stains all over the face, they are basically not concerned.Chapter 182 accepts to escortBy this time a certain office in upstairs, money learns a soldier to stand before window and looking at to drove transfering under guard of branch office car, to after death is just wiping Chen Feng of red flower oil to ask a way toward fist.”Give deep red make a phone call?”Chen Feng by this time sits upright in money and learns a soldier after death of sofa up, put on red flower oil for own fist again, simultaneously put on, part answer way. “Beat, Hey Hey, deep red handle affairs you to trust, this even if make deathless this boy, also make his most at least half remnants, drink!My Cao, this boy bone is really enough hard, his mama of.”Say Chen Feng returns a Zi tooth mouth of wrinkly knit the brows, obviously is wipe pain place. But money learn a soldier by this time full face then lookinging at of hideous smile the far go of transfer under guard a car, the in the mind is calculating how to should spend, post king’s those 500,000 dollars?Transfering under guard the car is an once refit of depend on Wei, however see this car have been very broken-down, the age is very far, only at after box there the Han ascend iron railing.The car that should was a son inside in bureau to eliminate down in early days , after refitting, exclusively transported under guard a prisoner…Wang Rong Jin’s closing the eyes for a rest don’t talk, the police who before transport under guard doesn’t talk as well.Watch place to leave not far pure river country in the Rong city, walk a soil road, the pure river country is also a Rong city the neighborhood is known for of ragged country, all of surroundingses are old deep mountains woods, the road isn’t so good to walk, also increased the difficulty of jail delivery at the same time.Transport under guard while arriving a pure river custody center, the car is getting more at 8:00 p.m., all of this custody center surroundingses are Huang grasses stand, the black light is blind fiery a big slice of. Only here still at last lights the bright appearance, Gao Gao’s red brick fence,mbt sport up pull wire entanglements, there is two Gao Gao’s tower building in the front door, there is armed police in the top carrying gun being staying by the side.However can still see, this custody center’s seeming to be is very broken-down, obviously have already had year have never renovated, because the brick with some corner of wall all have been already fallen in pieces.The black paint of the custody center big iron gate, it is very motley to break Luo to seem to be more, a lot of places all peeped out rust. The police car before stops in the big iron gate under, the underneath in the big iron gate had a small iron gate to open, from in come out a short strong strengthen to seem to be very is an actually little Dun police, and the police on the police car after handing over mowed a document took Wang Rong Jin to go in.The back of the big iron gate’s seeming to be is very gloomy, the street lamp is few, however see here definite and the outside is just about, seem to be is very gloomy, they walk of cement road, all have many places cracked broken up.The both sideses of road all across with the wire entanglements, can see the drill ground of periphery is more full with in the side weed through the wire entanglements, Wang Rong Jin mostly conjectured for a while, follow that little police to before walk.Before is a don’t know as well is what age cover building, however Moncler Veste can also see the printing of old several-storied building with the former Soviet Union period records, that little police took Wang Rong Jin to enter building and once wore a long long profound National Freeway, can see at an in the side of jailbird’s room.The lamp bulb of only so several inside 30 degrees in the hallway is illuminating, so seem to be specially gloomy, the little police of front starts to walk road, specially horizontal, learn Andy Liou’s appearance, start to walk road to twist a shoulder and twist Kua, an appearance that walks and takes breeze.Walk to hallway most in carry of the room of a jailbird before, short strong the police take out a key of big iron dish and opened the door of jailbird’s room.Through etc. of hallway, can see get, the inside is the northeast of two rows the shape of the big Kang, at most in is a cement to separate a column, the inside should be cesspit and urine slot, leaving all from afar can smell a son urine Sao flavor.The front door is opened, the black head dried melon seeds on the Kang shouts of all turned to come over, saw toward the doorway, once the short strong police stretch hand and pushed Wang Rong Jin to go in, then towarded pitch dark jailbird’s room to say.”The farmland is greatly clear, come to new prisoner, like to invite for a while.”Finished saying and then closed up the big iron gate, had already twisted a shoulder companion the voice that the key bumps shot iron dish to far go.The voice far went and lay at spread last prisoners, all shout of jump down Kang, a walks to Wang Rong Jin of before the body, surround him, with see the animal in the zoo ground, these guy mostly all the Ti wear small crew cut, the Yao also is all green skin of head, by this time just from the bedding in drill out, on the body wore all not much, can see majority of Long Ci Hu of all copying in the body, isn’t all good people on seeing.Sleep in depending head in the spreading of the side of door of is a full face is the black face big fellow of pit, long of is also slanting melon crack the Zao is two wisps of eyebrows that mourn Shao under the forehead, below is a pair of triangle eyes, the bridge a little bit falls, mouth have a little slanting, how see mbt staka shoes all be different from is a good person.His a person had 3 to spread, the another prisoner covers is all ragged soldier of oil stains fried dough twist drive, he a personal cover’s getting is a pink be covered of frivolous feather quilt, below also spreads thick actually solid wool blanket, seeing the appearance is a prison head.By this time he sits and starts, in following Kang, sitting of Malaysia gold knife’s light wear arm, the chest of fatty Zhan Zhan some muscles all have no, it is to have two Tuo fat meats to pour, look and be like with chemisette RF really, however the top in two RFs poured is a line the wing of two male eagles.By this time sign a horse the behind have a guy that eats fart, take over a thick clothes to the eldest brother throw on, a many prisoners all wait eldest brother hair words, just dare to make a noise.”Small white face, do you mix where?Make what the matter be closed incoming?”The eldest brother openings asked words and rounded on the side Wang Rong Jin casts covetous eyes on of a few guys, signed a horse to blast open nest.”Grass mire horse of, you mix where of, does the eldest brother ask you the words?”"Small white face has smoke on the body?”"Grass mire horse of, carry money on the body?”Wang Rong Jin was by this time originally the quick temper of the one belly, today in the police department but have no little be been whole to cure by those sons, all take to harm on the body, he when once ate so big Kui.Arrived a jailbird now inside in the Cang, these garbages incredibly still want to trample on his head and ascended explode.”Grass mire horse of, you take care of me to mix where of, the grandpa’s name is also what you can ask.”" Drink?Enough stare blankly?The brotherses put out strength for me to recruit…”The prison head of that triangle eye, receive of shout that the word hasn’t spoken, should drive Wang Rong Jin blunt come over one punch to hit of swallowed to return to.Public feels at present one flower, then see the in front that Wang Rong Jin have already arrived eldest brother, mercilessly one punch, mourn the black face of that pit pit Wa Wa of Shao eyebrow, give the failed full face efflorescence.Triangle eye at that time drive this one punch to hit of could not say words, then close behind feel neck on immediately even breathing heavily spirits not to come up spirit tightly, feelings was choked neck by Wang Rong Jin’s a hand, to spread to up clench down from the Kang.Wang Rong Jin with trail to kill a dog ground, give this big fatty from spreads to up drag along underground, then mercilessly one feet, the Chuai directly give°s this guy the Chuai on the belly of this guy become roll a ground of bottle gourd, directly rolled several rices to open outside cesspit, directly lay prone to have no a voice interest over there. A many Zhas that just returned Zha shouted of prisoner, immediately silly eye, originally thought is killed a dog generally can at will want to humiliate of small white face, which thought of in a moment of effort, turned to make one brutal of lead river fierce dragon…Close the voice of big iron gate while outside spreading a short strong police to come out a mansion, but Wang Rong Jin by this time then looking at one many prisoners of gapes and peeped out very evil a smile…In chapter 183 jail dragon Stand just across the street 20 how many the prisoners, by this time and finally realized mistake, this guy where mbt bomoa black is the small white face that the hand has no very small strength, clear is a the fierce dragon is over the river and see somebody else’s this artistic skill, if really starting is still malicious, don’t know as a result meeting how?Connect a jailbird force in the room be worth a tallestly greatly clear elder brother, all didn’t can walk a round at somebody else’s subordinates, if this oneself’s this kind of people all hurtle up, what end will that is?The prisoners all hesitate to make a move, don’t know how to reply, at by this time, the farmland being just flown by Wang Rong Jin’s one feet Chuai is longly greatly clear, swayed to climb from the cesspit, a put on clean the blood Zi on the face and dirty Zi, toward ground the spittle that vomited an one mouthful to take blood, then loudly Moncler Homme of shouted a way.”The brotherses, give I up, kill him, don’t fear, staffs all said, thoroughly’invite’he, fear a hair?Go toward dead inside whole.Remember what I once said in the afternoon, discarded this boy, everyone had wine to have meat for a month when the time comes.”Finish shouting but have never seen those prisoners move an one step, farmland greatly clearly immediately angry, these prisoners all come from five lakes the whole world, after all isn’t his under charge.Just this king glory once the brocade made moves, give°ed these people an earthquake to live, now who don’t want to be the successful in career bird begs for suffering to eat as well. But the one more think, today daytime’s time, elder brother in the sky gives he or she comes of telephone, said with him, possible someone sent to come in in the evening, oneself thoroughly’look after’for a while. mbt nane patent extra trouble a bedding of guy on his side an uncover, from underneath touch one handle knob handle whet very sharp toothbrush, strange call hurtled to come up.The make Cang inside of the guy be all imprisonned an incoming sting head, all generally is the case that carries just right, wait judgment of, so also all isn’t what good believers. At ordinary times fight Dou to beat that is also a simple meal, although doing not outside seek tool here is so convenient, but this helps guy for the sake of the self-preservation and generally also all along with made many soils tools that protect a life for oneself.What shoes the bow whet of knife, the glasses leg whets of sharp awl, the chopsticks that steal at ordinary times whet of bamboo needle, the Yao is to don’t know where touched come break iron slice son…At this make Cang to say is to fight, be kill an one or two person, also one nothing important event, so the this kind of people all generally will prepare two guy matters for registering for oneself. Top of person, all know that what pass enters here is an all social residue Zi,mbt bomoa boots so is also too anxious to they all die cleanly, so even if fight here be killed, generally is also all important event to turn small, the small matter turns have no.And connect also is all generally various all sorts of strange things, connect a sleeping, can sleep to kill a person…The farmland greatly took the lead clearly, other one many prisonerses , on seeing eldest brothers all go to battle, wasn’t very motionless either to play, hence also all turn over an oneself’s guy matter in succession, yelled to hurtle to come up. After all and first, the farmland greatly accumulates Wei still clearly at, second, farmland greatly clearly the time in the afternoon, probably gave everyone a lot of advantages, these third, everyone also all cut and polished to come over, the this king glory brocade can beat again, also is only a person, oneself this 20 how many persons, still beat however he? Front segment time, number son inside ever pass came in a northeast tiger always, that guy battle wear oneself, person, Gao Ma Da Dun, , , had a great achievement man on the hand, temper blunt still hard two day, was the result at last and not just beaten by big guys to live for the liver blowout for beating to enter advanced case guardianship room?Have now lead the way of, everyone also all not at so frightened…Looking at to take toothbrush blunt the farmland coming over is greatly clear, Wang Rong Jin is cold cold on smiling, the farmland greatly hurtles clearly to Wang Rong Jin of before the body, raise a hand for the toothbrush handle in the handle knob, shining on Wang Rong Jin’s chest and belly department was a fierce Tong to come over.Once the side body of Wang Rong Jin let and moved out of the way the greatly clear Tong of farmland comes over of arm, comply with the surrounding to hold tight his wrist, press down his arm downwards fierce press, comply with the surrounding to bring up knee upward fierce Ke meanwhile, be like the fuel of Jue stem ground, listens to’Mao’a , then is a farmland greatly clear heel ghost Hao the ground bellow a voice… Other a for bludger before hurtling and coming up, Wang Rong Jin fiercely goes toward the person of mbt nafasi those guys to the greatly clear farmland heap in on pushing, farmland greatly clear Gao Gao Zhuang strong, the weight has 200th, a catty and bump into these people’s person a while heap inside, immediately have quite a few blunt come over of the guy turned to make and roll a ground of bottle gourd.And meanwhile, Wang Rong Jin also body form a short, forward fierce flee, drilled into a person a while of heap in…The round boxing kicks a leg, bottom descend all beat a burliness, this time Wang Rong Jin but delivered malicious dint, bottom descend all don’t stay a hand, of person heap inside, but every with the person whom he is stained with a side, a s are like all basketball the ground be like each direction to fly to go out…The jailbird is immediately a burst of ghost to cry the voice of wolf Hao in Cang, at wear a secluded jail mansion of utter darkness in, it is specially miserably fierce to seem to be. However other jailbird Cang inside is to don’t establish Yao action, obviously is to the circumstance like this accustomed to, after all whenever there is New appointee in jailbird Cang come in, everyone’s making to dismount Wei is also the affair that usually has.But in the jail Jing office of outside of this head, a few polices are playing Showhand, listen to jailbird Cang in of bellow a voice, is also that none of eyebrowses is wrinkly for a while, obviously is to the circumstance like this accustomed to.Bellow a voice have been keeping on half for several hours, but remain is the meaning that hasn’t come to a stop, one among the polices is finally unbearable wrinkly knit the brows, to the send Wang Rong Jin comes in of the love strengthen a police to say. This entry was posted on Friday, December 9th, 2011 at 4:55 am and is filed under Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.
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