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Finally HD

Postby tammypbfonm » 10 Dec 2011, 07:14

Christmas is coming in fast and we hardly have any snow.  The ground has a light dusting and that is it.  Temps haven’t been too bad up to now, but than this weekend they are talking 30s again.  I could get use to winters like this.  I think I am pretty much done xmas shopping, kept things simple. I NFL Houston Texans Customized Authentic Jerseys Red finally bit the bullet and redid my entertainment center.  I went with a new tv and bluray player instead of building a computer to run boxee.  I had no idea the tvs and devices could do so much with internet so instead of reinventing the wheel, just bought the ready to go equipment.  I’m still learning about all this HD stuff.  Picking a tv was just insane of how many tvs exist with so many different options.  My biggest concerns was finding equipment to play .mkv files since I am in the process of ripping my DVDs down to a smaller size and than have them available on the local network.  Everything has arrived and working as I need them to be.  The wireless tv and bluray are a perfect match.  Now I need to decide to keep my satellite tv package and do the hulu plus and netflix deals.  I’m currently trying out the hulu plus free trial and I’m not impressed with the amount of commercials.  The movie selection is very poor.  The only benefit I can see is the ease of watching tv episodes.  I just wish they didn’t Green Bay Packers Jerseys Aaron Rodgers have so many commercials for the paying subscribers.  I started watching the Terra Nova series and there is like 6-7 commercial breaks from 30 seconds to a full minute and they are the same commercials over and over.  They got old really fast.  I googled on hulu plus to see what other’s thought and it seems hulu plus has a negative reaction as other’s complain about the commercials too.  Yes, we watch commercials with our regular satellite/cable subscription.  Yes, it only costs 8 bucks a month compared to a 60 satellite/cable package.  I just hate commercials of any kind.  With netflix and hulu plus at 16.00 a month compared to 60+ a month, it’s a great enough savings to make the change.  Sounds like a good way to start of f2012, cut back on expenses.  The economy isn’t going to get any better and money is only going to get harder to come by. Now with so many things in the house using internet, I sure could use more bandwidth as streaming and buffering is no fun.   Tags: NFL Cincinnati Bengals Customized Premier Jerseys Black hdtv, hulu plus, netflix This entry was posted on Friday, December 9th, 2011 at 4:10 am and is filed under General. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.
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