Jonathan Bernstein: Happy Hour Roundup

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Jonathan Bernstein: Happy Hour Roundup

Postby shayeyp6shx » 11 Dec 2011, 05:02

Lots of news today on the payroll tax/UI extension story. The House plan is out, but we’ll have to see if it can even pass that chamber after Senate Republicans voted against their own plan. That’s especially true since Tea Partiers are going to be less than thrilled with the CBO score. It should make for a down-to-the-wire finish to this session of Congress that might wind Lunettes Rayban up going to Christmas Eve in order to settle all the outstanding business. And I’ll be live-tweeting the GOP debate tomorrow night as usual; it’s at 9PM Eastern Time on ABC.Meanwhile, plenty of good stuff for your weekend reading: 1. Really good analysis of Israel and its diverging US supporters by Spencer Ackerman. 2. The Mad Tea Party Republicans dust, from Steve Benen. 3. Akiba Solomon details how the Obama Administration’s Plan B decision is particularly harsh news for young African American and Latina women. 4. Katha Pollitt on Plan B, too. Brutal. 5. On to WH 2012. Good read of the WH GOP 2012 polling by Mark Blumenthal, emphasizing how soft just about everything is so far. 6. I still think that Rick Perry is viable, and Chris Cillizza hears some buzz that Perry might be moving up in Iowa. 7. But Perry sure isn’t making things easy for himself. 8. Meanwhile, it’s like target practice out there against Newt Gingrich. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like it; he’s such an easy target, and so many people (from both parties and all ideological points of view) have so much saved up. Andrew Sullivan rounds up the incoming fire from conservatives of all stripes. 9. For a difference kind of overview, Ezra Klein lists 21 reasons it’s not going to be Newt. 10. Conor Puma pas cher Friedersdorf on the Rush Limbaugh/Newt Gingrich alliance: “It's like the late stages of the French Revolution.” Really good stuff. 11. But as Massimo Calabresi reports, Newt is working hard to win support from top conservatives, and not all of them are dismissing him. 12. More on Mitt Romney’s increasingly less ambiguous support of Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan from Igor Volsky. 13. Looks like at least the Trump debate is falling apart. Here’s the zinger of the day from Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman on CNN today: Look, Donald Trump is turning the entire Republican field, all the candidates, into an Atlantic tod's chaussures shop City lounge act for the right wing. I mean, the opening question's going to be Trump saying I don't want to talk about myself, what do you think of me? 14. Back to policy. Catch up on what you should know SOPA – the online pirating bill – from Emily Crockett. Complete with Lady Gaga reference. 15. Health care costs and outcomes, from Sarah Kliff. 16. Neil Sinhababu wants a robot for the Fed. 17. You should read E.D. Kain’s contribution to the continuing discussion of democracy and Occupy Wall Street. I’m not entirely on the same page as him, but it’s a smart contribution to a very good conversation. 18. The odd, strange, weird, story of Mitt “Stone Cold Fusion” Romney, as found by veteran Romney-watcher David S. Bernstein (who is still my brother). 19. And a really good item on men, women, and “women’s shows” from Alyssa Rosenberg. Have a good weekend!
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