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Postby imon » 27 Jan 2009, 14:44

Can we perhaps,at some point, consider some new models/poses for apparel? I really don't think we're putting our best face forward. It's certainly nice to see a wider range of ages, ethnicity and sizes however, the bedheads and latenight drinking, 70's sci fi, and the pics taken from weird angles causing really long appendages and visible undergarments make it very difficult to choose. It's kinda like we took a good idea, ran with it and went too far to the extreme. I like many of the models but camera angles and presentations hamper the use of most.
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Re: models

Postby studboy » 27 Jan 2009, 15:19

I agree with all of your sentiments.

The one that really used to get me is the Ladies Casual Tank, the one with the red head with the sour puss - but I guess that has been discontinued, because when you click on it, you get taken to the default men's shirt.
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