Herve Leger Dress and Heels Change Your Figure

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Herve Leger Dress and Heels Change Your Figure

Postby shayeyp6shx » 11 Dec 2011, 18:36

If you want to hips look smaller, Herve Leger skirts and system with high-heeled sandals. Because the cut itself is long and narrow, Herve Leger effect can produce a straight line, so that your entire lower body to become slim, very suitable for pear-shaped body of the female; and Herve Leger will make you stand out the most attractive upper body; and high-heeled sandals will let you change the curve of slender, big hips also become less obvious. Herve Leger Dress If you want to become cher Tod's chaussures more flat belly, Herve Leger bandage dress and a half with casual sandals. Because the central skirt pleated folds, Herve Leger dress well to cover up the slight bulge of the belly bulge, the tips are applicable to any woman; and dress can go to the foot, so there is no need to worry about it will make your legs look short; half with casual sandals give Puma Chaussures you a little height, but also loose and casual dress to create a good feeling. Herve Leger clothing If you want your legs to become more slender, a round skirt and wedge heel are needed. Because of their own fancy dress, and only exposed the thin legs, long skirt makes you look more symmetrical, the reason for any body of the girl Toutes les lunettes ray-ban are effective (if your legs are not long, then do not pass through the knee skirt, otherwise your legs will disappear); also because a round skirt itself is very feminine, so coupled with a pair of beautiful wedge heel better: both sexy and convenient to walk.  http://www.hervelegerdressstyle.com
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