Wear out their own style links of london jewelry whole collo

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Wear out their own style links of london jewelry whole collo

Postby shayeyp6shx » 11 Dec 2011, 21:18

Wear out their own style links of london jewelry whole collocation guide 3 The collocation of size and earring: short stature of women, such as wear to ear type point form small earring, can appear elegant, delicate links of london uk and exquisite. Such as wearing a pendant earring, because of the visual direction moves down, bodily form will appear even more small; The tall figure, wear collars, women Links of London Watches or big earrings, can add aesthetic feeling. Wear glasses of women wearing big earrings, because not glasses in facial ministry has dominated larger area, such as wear small earring, decorated size is strewn at random, it's very fun. Pendant of match colors skill wear especially want to pay attention to the pendant with clothing photograph collocation. Moncler coats As long as the master good match colors skill, can become a in the pendant, wearing to a new links london sweetie bracelet and higher realm. Below a few to teach you the pendant tie-in method: grain silver pendants to match an open collar dark or SuBai fashion, there will be a mystery reveal; Also, the black and white stripes and black and white squares of clothes, also can color pendant to match, the effect is astounding. If is wearing a white dress, you can links of london use any of a pendant to match. Bracelet, brooches roses collocation bracelet is very popular in recent years. If you have a beautiful long arms and small wrist. Should put bracelets on wrist place close to wear. If the arm too thin, shall wear small bracelet links of london or bracelet, and don't wear thick large, or wide bracelet Puma pas cher will make too thin arms appear more and scrawny. If your finger nails short fat, not beautiful, wear bracelet will be a little more, make the person attention away from his hand. The arm links of london and wrist women with thick, should be a hose and thick bracelet. In general, the more bulky, the bracelet ShiShouWan and arm is small. Quality of a material is a suitable only for informal places, usually wear or style concise, volume is small and exquisite style. Good wear position also antique jewellery need not only constrained chest, if don't in the neckline, waist of handbags, also is very lovely.From the choice of jewelry to act the role of tasted collocation above all speak very detailed, whether earrings, or ring, and bracelets how collocation also is links london bracelet clear, but everyone if can according to their own characteristics to match a different style, this is Lunettes Ray-Ban the best. postat de xiaozhou in 2011-12-10 11:22 | 0 comentarii
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