Yoga for a transcendent experience

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Yoga for a transcendent experience

Postby Dolmare » 12 Dec 2011, 16:23

One of the widely translated ancient Indian books might be nothing but the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. You can find that there are more than 50 different English translations itself for the book! But it is not merely the English and the Indians who follow Patanjali’s visions on yoga. You can see people across all the countries learning and practising it since ages.

Some scholars say that it is not Patanjali who is the inventor of the ancient system of yoga. They are of the opinion that the system had been in existence since time immemorial, but it was Patanjali who compiled the techniques for the first time. He included his practical advises along with some theoretical explanations and thus brought out his masterpiece called Yoga Sutras. Yoga Sutra is written in Sanskrit and it is divided into padas or chapters. The physical exercises, breathing exercises and the meditation prescribed in Yoga Sutra had been resorted to by many to attain the path of enlightenment.

Yoga practices aim at bringing harmony to the body and mind. Meditation, which is also called dhyana, is a major tool in attaining harmony. It also helps increase the self-awareness and removes all kinds of limitation of mind. A deeper sense of being and wisdom will be instilled in the mind of the yoga practitioner.Owing to all these qualities, yoga had been made part of Ayurvedic treatments and you may be able to learn its techniques from either an ayurvedic resort or from a yoga practising centre nearby.
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