Life of a teacher in Estonia

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Life of a teacher in Estonia

Postby Kirill » 28 Jan 2009, 07:22

I have tought in Seoul, Korea for a year and I want a change of pace. I realize that I would be taking a huge pay cut if I teach in Estonia. Can sombody comment on the standard of living, how the general population perceives foreigners, and can you add any general comments on the way of life in Estonia.

Thanks for your time
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Re: Life of a teacher in Estonia

Postby maree » 28 Jan 2009, 17:58

Positive aspects: international environment in Tallinn, ex-fast growing country, open-minded, great untouched nature - outside Tallinn, the country is basically empty, strong culture (can sometimes look nationalist but it is understandable with their history), Estonian girls are beautiful!

Negative aspects: cost of living (wages), food is quite simple - no big sophisticated speciality, bad flight connections, very cold and dark during winter.
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