Good Health

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Good Health

Postby dynahill » 29 Jul 2011, 12:00

Health plays vital role in every person's life. There are many ways to stay healthy like do yoga and exercise, eat fresh, healthy and nutritious food, eat fresh fruit, green vegetables, drink lots of water, avoid stress and so on.
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Good Health

Postby Russki » 01 Aug 2011, 18:35

Good health comes through a balanced diet, exercise, and supplements when needed. While, I exercise daily and try to maintain a balanced diet there are some foods I just can not make myself swallow. When there is an area of my diet that is lacking I try to make up for it through supplements. Since my nutritionist told me about colloidal silver I have been considering adding it to my supplements as a immune system booster and to maintain overall health. I was wondering if anybody else has recommendations and what you guys think about colloidal silver.
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Good Health

Postby specekat » 06 Aug 2011, 06:49

Health is wealth and yoga is best for good health. Always drink a lots of water, Eat fruits and green vegetables, do regular exercise and always stay away for smoking and alcohol.
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Good Health

Postby andrewzones » 09 Aug 2011, 11:31

Health is the most precious thing in life. It is important to take enough care for good health. Good health is all depend upon healthy food and maintaining your diet. The basic step to get good health is to eat sufficient amount of food needed by the body and then regular exercise. Avoid to eat the junk food.
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Good Health

Postby Markzenith » 26 Aug 2011, 07:34

You can purchase all the things in life but not health. Once it imbalanced it needs much time to recover so it is better to take care right from the starting. Body just needs proper kind of food to be healthy. Junk food is very harmful for our health so avoid it as much as possible and do regular exercise early in the morning to remain fit and strong.
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Good Health

Postby terijazz » 12 Sep 2011, 07:35

According to me heath is our real wealth. We should take care of our health. There are many tips for good health like do yoga and exercise, Eat nutritious food, Drink lots of water, avoid stress, be active and so on.
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Good Health

Postby adsonbake » 13 Sep 2011, 08:25

Health is invaluable. A good health defines to be from any mental and physical illness or pain. It is only achieved when we sincerely follow the rules that are made by the body to remain fit otherwise it will create problems for us only. The two basic needs of the body are proper food and sleep. If you fulfilling that needs of the body, your boy will always help you to stay from diseases.
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Good Health

Postby onlinesilk1 » 13 Sep 2011, 10:44

If you want a healthy life then you can do regular exercise, Eat healthy food and Avoid stress and depression. Take a good night sleep. Keep always smiling, Drink a lots of water. Eat always healthy food and avoid junk food.
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Good Health

Postby roggernrogger » 17 Sep 2011, 11:46

Health is very important in life. Everyone should manages it well. With good health we can do all most all things well. Without good health we can not live longer and happily. So maintain your health by following proper and balanced diet. Do exercise and go to gym. Do Yoga and Meditation.
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Good Health

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