Russia's flawed reformer

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Russia's flawed reformer

Postby Lesta » 01 Feb 2009, 03:31

Former Russian president, Boris Yeltsin, was democratically elected and has ceded power voluntarily. He has been no great reformer, though he has succeeded in a number of areas such as obtaining support from western countries. There have been problems in peripheral countries, but generally he has sought to remain on good terms with western countries. Capitalism has meant poverty for many Russians, and the banking system almost collapsed, leading to a lack of trust in the system. Yeltsin prevented Russia from lapsing into anarchy, and this may help a leader with vision to emerge.
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Re: Russia's flawed reformer

Postby Rurik » 04 Feb 2009, 11:09

Russian president, Boris Yeltsin, has sacked his prime minister, Yevgeny Primakov, after having reduced his powers. He faces a vote on impeachment in the Russian Duma, and may have the charges dismissed by the Supreme Court. His relations with the Dumahave been poor, and there are reasons to fear that he will not be able to set up an effective new government. There is concern that the pace of economic reform in Russia could be affected, as could attempts by Russia to act as an intermediary in seeking an agreement over the conflict in Yugoslavia.
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