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Postby autocarloan » 31 Oct 2011, 07:08

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Postby AutoLoanfinancing » 01 Nov 2011, 06:03

Russia: several trips, overnight train journeys, museums
Moscow: Red Square, Kremlin visit, VNK
Russians: friends, my wife and my step-daughter!
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Postby BuyGiftsItems » 02 Nov 2011, 12:47

he Mafiosi spend all their time making business, the gangs spend all their time dealing with each other, so you certainly will not experience any of that. Also there's so much police on the streets of Moscow it seems like the safest place in the world.

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Postby offshoreaccount » 10 Nov 2011, 09:54

1. Vodka
3. More Vodka
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Postby cpaoutsourcing » 10 Nov 2011, 10:56

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Postby adsblackfriday » 21 Nov 2011, 12:23

My vote goes to current Russia, but huge amount of people regret about Soviet Union break-up.
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Postby autoauditmaster » 02 Dec 2011, 10:23

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Postby moxia19 » 05 Dec 2011, 07:50

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Postby autocreditquotes » 06 Dec 2011, 07:19

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