New Face Of pakistan Terror

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New Face Of pakistan Terror

Postby Lekshmi » 04 Mar 2009, 09:43

The cricket team of Sri Lanka was attacked by 14 gunmen and none was caught the latest incident which shocked the whole world. What is your opinion of the incident?
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New Face Of pakistan Terror

Postby Jazz singer » 05 Mar 2009, 00:36

Pakistan is not a safe place; but still, it benefits from generous US help, its inept government is praised as 'an ally of the West', whilst the country is harbouring most of the islamist terrorists under its nose.

The US carry on a war in neighbouring Afghanistan, but the hotbed of terrorism is really Pakistan where most terrorists live, and train. The Pashtun tribes live across the border of the two countries and have for centuries been hostile to Western interference. They defeated the Brits, the Russians, and will do the same with the Americans and their allies.

These recent attacks are just a display of force for the terrorists, and proof that the government is powerless against them.

Maybe, once foreign armies have left the region, peace will be back.
Jazz singer
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New Face Of pakistan Terror

Postby Prita » 05 Mar 2009, 14:00

I too hope so Jazz when the foreign troops withdraw they will try to conquer more places and rule inside those regions, but they are always a threat to mankind.
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New Face Of pakistan Terror

Postby john » 06 Mar 2009, 19:39

Pakistan will be at unrest unless the Government has the power to take back the regions under the control of the ruling government. When Mushraf was at the seat he was having the army under him with great power and command and that has done too much in his favor.
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