DO`s & DONT`s in Russia

General questions of life in Russia, sharing experience, interesting facts and discussions

DO`s & DONT`s in Russia

Postby Jeniffer » 11 May 2011, 21:25

Please, DO visit this site if you are interested in coming to Saint-Petersburg:
I hope this helps. I booked a hotel through this site once and I had a wonderful stay. I love Saint-Petrsburg. One of the best cities in the world!

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DO`s & DONT`s in Russia

Postby Skylr » 14 Jul 2011, 06:00

Jeniffer wrote:Please, DO visit this site if you are interested in coming to Saint-Petersburg:
I hope this helps. I booked a hotel through this site once and I had a wonderful stay. I love Saint-Petrsburg. One of the best cities in the world!


Thanks for the link! Be sure to add it St. Petersburg on my list...
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DO`s & DONT`s in Russia

Postby wiliamsmith4444 » 15 Jul 2011, 10:52

- Don't get a euro mullet no matter how cool you think it looks.
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DO`s & DONT`s in Russia

Postby BuyGiftsItems » 22 Jul 2011, 16:32

Take tissues and liquid soap with you if you are expecting to use a bathroom somewhere out. Most public restrooms are not equipped with these basic items.I loved these two points and Maree its really a good list.
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Postby guccibags » 18 Aug 2011, 05:10

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DO`s & DONT`s in Russia

Postby BuyGiftsItems » 29 Aug 2011, 07:59

simply ask someone. Additionally, Russians show politeness by being vague and beating around the bush. If you are politely insistent, eventually, they will figure out that you really don't know and will enlighten you.
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DO`s & DONT`s in Russia

Postby cpaoutsourcing » 25 Oct 2011, 09:40

Remove the liquid soap and tissues with you if you plan to use a bathroom or somewhere. Most public restrooms are not equipped with these basic items.I loved these two points, and Maree is a really good list.
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DO`s & DONT`s in Russia

Postby autocarloan » 31 Oct 2011, 07:10

Accessories included with the clothes reveal a lot about us. Thus, women and men like to wear and carry items cigar brand of high quality. Show your personality and style worthy of distinction and elegance of superior taste.
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DO`s & DONT`s in Russia

Postby BuyGiftsItems » 02 Nov 2011, 12:45

Most Russians are truly warm and hospitable despite their normal cold and pessimistic attitudes on the street.

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DO`s & DONT`s in Russia

Postby lvus » 10 Nov 2011, 08:32

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